ayeesha standing

I am a capability expert and success strategist.

I help driven and growth-minded Black women struggling with fear and self-doubt learn how to 10X their confidence, so they can believe in their capabilities and achieve their life goals.

In order to realize our full potential we must first know what we're capable of.

That's my wish for you and the #1 reason why I do this work!

Committed to your success,



  • Founder of Dr. Ayeesha Hankins LLC and starter of the #blackwomenachievingmore movement. 
  • Got my start in higher education working in multiple roles at several colleges and universities nation-wide in order to support student success and college completion 
  • Worked at multiple colleges and universities nation-wide serving 100,000+ diverse students over 15 years 
  • Taught undergraduate and graduate-level courses for 10+ years and developed expertise in course development, curriculum design, online learning, and assessment 
  • Earned my Ph.D. in Educational Psychology by completing 5,000+ hours of study and research on self-efficacy, motivation, confidence, and goal achievement
  • Mentored by influential psychologists like Drs. Beverly Tatum author of “Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria?”, Albert Bandura renowned social cognitive psychologist, and Carol Dweck author of Mindset


Every business has a backstory and mine started in graduate school in North Carolina. 

In August 2014, I started my doctoral program. I was excited about going back to school and also unsure about my ability to be successful.

I was eager to go back to graduate school because, at the time, I had decided that I wanted to be a full-time faculty member and at most colleges and universities you have to have a Ph.D. to do so.

I was anxious about how I would do in a Ph.D. program because my master's degree had taken a toll on my confidence. 

Despite my self-doubts, I continued with the program and began studying first-year students and courses that help them succeed in college.

The data confirmed that one of the primary influencers of success in college and beyond was a new student’s positive perception of their capabilities.

As I dove further into the research and started working directly with students, I quickly learned how to improve my confidence in my capabilities.

And, ended up earning my Ph.D. in 3 years - faster than I ever thought was possible!

Once I graduated, I knew I had to share this information with any woman in pursuit of big goals and worthy dreams.

After relocating to Portland, OR in early 2018, I started my business.