Self-efficacy is the primary subject of my research and area of expertise.

Rooted in positive psychology, self-efficacy is defined as an individual's perception of their ability to successfully complete a task. When we ask ourselves questions like, "Can I do X successfully?" We are evaluating our self-efficacy. 

It is a measure of your belief that you can do a single task successfully. 

Why does it matter? 

  • We don't pursue tasks or goals that we believe we are going to be unsuccessful at. In order to achieve our most ambitious goals, we have to first believe we can.
  • High self-efficacy is the #1 personal factor that influences our success. The good news is that it can be cultivated. You can learn to build your self-efficacy. I will teach you!

Women with high self-efficacy: Set ambitious goals, View problems as challenges, Experience less negative emotions during difficult tasks, Persist in the face of obstacles, and Achieve more!  

Want more success?