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Before the COVID-19 crisis, I met a new friend for dinner. We ate. We laughed. And, she taught me about an important triangle between our eyes and nose.

It’s what body language experts might call the “safe zone." It is the zone where a steady, friendly gaze is the safest because there is no room for misinterpretation.

That conversation got me thinking about another triangle. One that I want to share with you in this period of uncertainty.

It’s a triangle that describes three factors that interact and influence how we function.

triangle two

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Perfect example:

Last Thursday it was 70 degrees in Portland, which influenced Greg and me to decide to go for a walk.

(environment influences thinking, which influences behavior)

The sunshine was a mood lift, which influenced us to continue to the park.

(environment influences mood, which influences behavior)

We got to the park and saw 100+ people closer than 6ft from one another, which influenced us to turn around and walk home. 

(social environment influences feelings, which influence behavior)

You get the gist.

When life seems out of control, sis, remember the triangle.

Remember the factors you can control. It has helped me manage my worries over the last few weeks. I hope it helps you too.

Be safe and take good care,

Dr. Ayeesha Hankins


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